De Trafford Team


“…understanding and working with the vineyard to coax something magical from the land, after that it’s hold thumbs you don’t cock it up in the cellar.””I never chose winemaking as a profession – it was thrust upon me. I chose Architecture as a profession, but live on land with such great vineyard potential, it was impossible not to get involved in the wine business.”

A working knowledge of winemaking gleaned from local winemakers, a vintage spent at St Emilion and David’s own practical experience has ensured a small but steady flow of wines of increasing sophistication.

With an acute appreciation of nature and sense of time and place, David is also disarmingly shy, humorous, and honest. When not making wine he goes to physio to repair his back, he walks in the mountains, jogs, swims, plays tennis, squash and golf.

David Trafford


Rita studied fine art at Stellenbosch University for 2 years before switching from visual to olfactory art and graduating from local Cordon Bleu cookery school – Silwood Kitchen. Both go a long way to adding visual and sensorial flair to the De Trafford Wines.

When not looking after the kids, Nicholas and Rosalyn, Rita helps with the general running of the winery and pursuing her passion for painting, which you can catch a glimpse of at “paintings”.

Rita Trafford and kids


Keeps a close eye on the Mont Fleur vineyards as if it was an extension of her beautiful garden which surrounds the winery. Looks after the financial affairs of the winery, but is best known as the most elegant delivery lady in the industry.

Balances her time between the shipping warehouses, wine shops and shopping malls of Cape Town, while happily doing the delivery rounds.


“Maitre de Chais” – Hendry oversees and implements virtually every aspect of the production process with great care and dedication.

Hendry has completed SKOP 1 & 2 cellar assistant courses at Elsenberg College, the CWA preliminary wine course and completed the 2 month Beaune Academy Course in Burgundy, France in 2003. Hendry also helps out with sales and tastings.

Hendry Hess


Xenia has an interesting CV, having studied Fine Art at U.C.T. for a year, followed by a few years of logistics co-ordination and more recently sales and marketing for a highly regarded wine and olive estate. She clearly has a strong creative side, while being extremely organised and efficient – the latter certainly lacking in the rest of us! Oh, and the other interesting thing about Xenia is that she’s a rock climber – so if she’s not in the office you know where to look!

Xenia van der Meulen

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