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Spring Newsletter

PLATTER RATINGS The 2018 Platter Wine Guide was released on Friday evening. We’re delighted to confirm that we got 4 stars for our Merlot, 4½ stars for our Cabernet Sauvignon, […]

June newsletter

NEW RELEASES De Trafford Chenin Blanc 2016 The 2016 is quite a stylistic departure due to the extreme weather conditions. One of the hottest, driest and certainly the earliest we’ve […]

New Releases: Our 2014 Syrahs and our 2013 Cabernet Franc

It is always with great excitement that we release our two 2014 Syrahs. Although Cab may be king in Stellenbosch, Syrah is the most exciting red grape in the Cape […]

May Newsletter: Harvest report & new releases

Harvest Report 2015 The earliest harvest I’ve been involved with since 1984. Winter 2014 started early with cool & wet weather. Budding was early and exceptionally even. After a normal Spring, the summer was particularly dry […]

Spring Newsletter: Hail & Hammer

Most people consider, incorrectly in my view, that Spring starts on 1 September in the Cape, but to me it starts when the Paradise Flycatchers arrive back on our farm […]

De Trafford Travels & New Releases

This week we started our pruning with the top of our Mont Fleur Tip-Top Syrah block. The top gets the sun first (at around 10:30 at the moment) and we […]

Harvest is upon us!

This season has been particularly interesting and really kept us on our toes, especially in Stellenbosch. We had the highest recorded rainfall ever for August / September combined, getting the […]

Newsletter November 2013: Plan B, a Platter 5 star and other news

Winter 2013 has been a long, cold and wet one in Stellenbosch but the vines have budded well and are growing beautifully. Flowering has just started in our highest section […]


Only a few months ago I was complaining that one excellent vintage after another in Stellenbosch was getting a bit boring. Not enough real challenges from a winemaking point of […]


Last weekend we had the worst wind storm we’ve seen since being on the farm for 35 years. Several oak trees around the winery have blown over or partly blown […]